Shari-Ki and Doli-Phen



Chief Deity: Arcanilium

Arcanilium, after looking upon the virgin sea and seeing such wasted potential, sent forth his divine magic and formed the Shari-Ki to be his fierce guardians of the sea. He created for them the Aquarianus: a magical oasis under the sea teaming with life and an Oculus Stone containing the secrets of water magic. But after many long years he saw that while his creations excelled at combat, they unfortunately possessed an overpowering blood lust and little intelligence to guide it. Fearing that one day his children might lose their noble natures and resort to savagery, the Lord of Fortune decided to bind their fates to another race; a race that could temper the Shari-Ki’s blood lust and guide them in their purpose.

To this end he uplifted a native species, one that was filled with cunning and resourcefulness. He called his new children the Doli-phen and guided them to the underwater home of the Shari-Ki. Through godly machination, the two races were brought together and with only the barest of influence forged a partnership. The Doli-phen used their superior wit and charisma to convince the Shari-KI that they were of the same race and that their creator, the God of Fortune, had changed them to better serve him and use his gift of magic.

Through manipulation of the less intelligent Shari-Ki , they forged the Unbreakable Contract; The Doli-phen would be masters of ocean trading, the magical traditions of their people, and serve as Priests to the Lord of Fortune and Creation, Arcanilium. The Shari-KI would be the guardians and protectors of the oceans and enforcers of the Unbreakable Contract for which they are bound, as well as the bodyguards and soldiers of the Doli-phen. Both groups would call the underwater oasis home and have right to it. To this end the strength and savagery of the Shari-Ki would be tempered by cunning and magical traditions of the Doli-phen. To the outside world they would simply be master traders, underneath it all the first priority is the guardianship of the oceans and keepers of the gift of ocean magic.

Edges and Hindrances

Strong (+3): The Shari-Ki have powerful bodies. They start with a d8 in Strength and may purchase their Strength up to d12+2. The Professional and Expert Edges can increase this to d12+4.
Dumb (-3): Shari-Ki cannot raise their Smarts above a d6.
Aquatic (+2): Shari-Ki cannot drown in water, can move at their full Swimming skill (-2" per load limit penalty), and gain a free d6 in Swimming.
Shark Bite (+1): The Shari-Ki have wide mouths filled with rows and rows of razor sharp teeth. They may perform a bite attack that deals Str+d6.
Blood Lust (-2): All Shari-Ki have the Bloodthirsty Hindrance.

Edges and Hindrances

Clever (+3): The Doli-phen are known for their intelligence. They start with a d8 in Smarts and may purchase their Smarts up to d12+2. The Professional and Expert Edges can increase this to d12+4.
Semi-Aquatic (+2): The Doli-phen are at home in both water and on land. They begin with a d6 in Swimming and can move at their full Swimming skill (-2" per load limit penalty). The Doli-phen can also stay underwater for long periods of time on a single breath of air. A Doli-phen takes a single level of Fatigue every 15 minutes he holds his breath; upon reaching Incapacitated he must make a Vigor roll every minute or drown. Fatigue recovers one level per 15 minutes once back up above water.

Shari-Ki and Doli-Phen

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