Luminoth (Tenative, the Moth People)


Chief Diety: Yonaguni
Advancements: Alchemy/Herbalism, Crafting Weapons/Armor from Monster Parts, Life Magic, Biotechnology

While the term Luminoth doesn’t describe a race, most outsiders to the Empire attribute it to its primary inhabitants: These humanoid moth creatures have four arms, two legs, large colorful wings, darker carapace-like skin cover in brightly colored fur, large dark eyes, and moth like antenna. Compared to humans, their stature vary much more widely, with adults commonly ranging from as small as 4 ft to upwards of 7 ft or more. Body shape can vary widely too, but are rarely that heavy, as flying is one the their primary means of movement.

To the Luminoth themselves, the term refers to citizens of the Imperium of the High Luminoth. The Imperium has multiple races in their fold. Given their mastery over life magic and biotechnology, racial lines within the empire are slightly blurred. Citizens can couple with other species and birth children of a third, and sometimes even change their own bodies to better suit their role in society. As such, the empire puts more importance on both their citizenship in the empire, as well as what clan they belong to.

The clans are based around different roles that are served in the empire. While each one has a race most commonly seen in it, members of other races are not rare, and unless an exception is made by the Empress, it is expected that any outsider who wish the become part of the empire is expected to serve in one of these clans.


Ash – Alchemist
Chimera – Truffles/Biotech Engineers
Dryad – Treants/Guardians
Hawk – Monster Hunters
Luna – Elves/Diplomats
Umber – Minotaurs/Warriors
Wormwood – Sorcerer Priests

The Imperium of the High Luminoth

Other Names: The Luminoth Empire

The Imperium encompasses much of the western portion of the INSERT CONTINENT NAME HERE, bordering the Dwarven peaks in the north stretching to the shores of the south. These lands encompass numerous environments: forests of giant mushrooms, jungles full of neon plants, beaches full of large tree sized flowers rather than palm trees, flying islands, strange rocky formations, and near the center of the empire a large lake with their gods avatar, the Great Tree, in the center.

There are 8 major settlements within the empire, one controlled by each of the clans, as well as the capital built around the Great Tree. In addition, there are two merchant fleets traveling along the coasts of the western half of the continent, each the size of a city in their own right.

Many of the kingdoms and tribes surrounding the Imperium may find it… odd. Their affinity with nature and development of biotech have pushed their civilization in a much different direction from much of their neighbors. The insectoid nature of the empire further exasperates the weirdness, as their tastes in food, fragrances, and aesthetics are wildly different. Clothing as Humans and Dwarves know them seem like an absurd concept to an empire of mostly carapaced races, though the Luna clan have learned the hard way when interacting with outsiders they need to cover themselves to avoid awkward distractions.

Also, while generally good natured, the Luminoth do have a history of unchecked expansionism which has shaped their attitudes. At the insistence of their god they haven’t expanded their empire to include any races that weren’t abandoned by their gods. That said, however, they are very interested in at least expanding their influence and ability to trade for resources into other regions.

Race Traits Luminoth (Moth-People, Ash/Hawk/Wormwood Clans)

Additional Action +3
Flight +2
Wall Walker +1
Hindrance (Curious) -2
Non Standard Physiology -1
Vow (Serve the Empire) -1

Luminoth (Luna Clan Elves)

Charisma +1
Non Standard Physiology -1
Vow (Serve the Empire) -1

Luminoth (Dryad Clan Treants)

Regeneration +3
Size +1
Sleep Reduction +2
Hindrance (All Thumbs) -1
Non Standard Physiology -1
Slow Ground Speed -1
Vow (Serve the Empire) -1

Luminoth (Umber Clan Beetle-taurs)

Armor 2 +1
Attribute Increase (Strength) +2
Natural Weapons (Horns) +1
Size +1
Hindrance (Stubborn) -1
Non Standard Physiology -1
Vow (Serve the Empire) -1

Luminoth (Tenative, the Moth People)

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