Ran' Dol the Creator

Ran’ Dol

Titles: The Creator, the First God, the Watcher, God of Gods, the Architect of Creation.
Aspects: All of Creation.
Symbol: A hunting horn shining out rays of light.
Priesthood: The Seekers. A small order of lay priests who collect and search out any legends pertaining to the Horn. Once found they are to protect the Horn until it is needed.
Heralds: None.
Avatar: None.
Holy Days: The first day of the new year.
Duties: To find the Horn of Ran’ Dol. To this end they seek out and collect any information about the Horn they can.
Sins: None, though the Seekers have their own list of sins for their order: (Minor) not seeking out information about the Horn, not following that information up no matter how trivial; (Major) sharing information about the Horn with non-Seekers, keeping information about the Horn from the order; (Mortal) giving false information about the Horn to the order, destroying records related to the Horn.
Signature Power: None. See Powers.
Powers: None. The Creator is no longer in the world and does not grant power or offer miracles to his followers.
Trappings: None.

Ran’ Dol is the First God and the Architect of Creation. It is said that he first created the heavens, then the world, and then finally the gods themselves. For centuries he watched over his children as they governed and shaped it in their own image. Content with their work he left the world to them.

Before leaving his creation, the Creator left a final gift: The Horn of Ran’ Dol. Legend says that this artifact is only to be blown by a mortal when the world is on the edge of collapse, summoning the Creator back to the world to save it and restore order and peace.

Ran' Dol the Creator

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